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    On the 13th session of WMO RA II held in Hong Kong 7~15 December 2004, the Association acknowledged the importance of weather information for the safe operation of aviation and that numerical weather guidance products would help the NMHSs of developing countries, and in particular LDCs, in building their capacity in the provision of aviation weather services. In this regard, the Pilot Project to Develop Support for Developing Countries in the Aeronautical Meteorology Programme was introduced in close coordination with WMO and ICAO.

    To coordinate the implementation of the pilot project, the Pilot Project Coordination Group was composed of experts from China, Cambodia, Hong Kong(China), Iran, Japan, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Yemen as Members. Also ICAO and the 2 WAFCs were invited to participate as observers.

    The product items displayed in this website were amended and adjusted according to the feedbacks from Coordination Group members. Continual supports and suggestions are expected for further development and improvement.